Training Schedule

The West Virginia Chapter
of the
International Association of Arson Investigators

2021 Fire Investigation Conference

Topics include:

Maternal Filicide – Molly Delgado Double Homicide (4 hours)

George Harms (WV State Fire Marshal’s Office)

Fire dynamics, fire patterns, arc mapping and witness statements were all used in this case where a mother was convicted of setting two fires that killed her two sons while they slept.


Wildland Fires (4 hours)

John Bird & Don Kelley (WV Division of Forestry)

Brief overview of the systematic methodology standards established by the NWCG (National Wildfire Coordinating Group) while conducting a wildfire investigation found in the wildfire investigation chapter in NFPA 921.  Discussion points of the "certification standards" for a wildfire investigator and case reviews on the impact of an accurate origin and cause investigation. 


Don’t Get Burned!  Key Strategies for the Testifying Investigator (8 hours)

Brian Henry (Rolfes Henry Company)

This seminar is designed to assist fire origin and cause investigators in moving from subject-matter proficiency to being able to serve as testifying experts.  Key elements will include the mechanics underlying a strong testimonial skill-set, common pitfalls plaguing testifying experts, and the protections for experts which are necessary in today’s litigious world.  The seminar will also inform potentially-testifying expert witnesses of the hazards associated with serving as testifying experts, including providing a primer on expert preclusion, deposition strategies, techniques designed to minimize the risk of expert preclusion, and how to deal with uninformed or difficult case counsel.


Monday and Tuesday, October 18th and 19th 2021

Holiday Inn

Morgantown (Star City), West Virginia

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